Wedding Planning Checklist | 6 month Planning Guide

Planning a wedding is stressful. Planning in 6 months or less is even more stressful. The key to dealing with stress is timing. Here is a simple guideline for when planning a wedding, on a time crunch of 6 months. 

Wedding Planning Timeline 

If you are planning your wedding within 6+ months, assign the 4 sections of the 6 month period to the appropriate month that you wish to have these tasks done. For example, “6 Month | 27 weeks” could be month 12.

Each wedding planning process is unique, and this is a malleable list. 

 wedding planning timeline for 6 months | what is wedding planning checklist for 6 month time period |

6 Months | 27 Weeks

  • Create a budget
  • Once you create a budget, it is important to follow it. Remember the reasons you created your budget and let those be encouragement for you moving forward. 

  • Make an excel sheet, binder or notebook to keep track of everything
  • You are going to be getting a lot of information throughout this wedding planning season, and it is important to stay organized. This will help your stress levels not rise too high. 

  • Browse venues & ceremony locations to reach out for Availability 
  • Venues book up very quickly. You want to get your foot in the door as soon as possible. 

  • Create a guest list
  • Keep in mind your budget when creating your guest list, because catering costs normally increase with the amount of people you have to feed (along with other various costs, such as wedding favors, seating, etc.) 

    *Keep in mind that some people will not be able to attend depending on where you plan to have your wedding. Some family/friends can’t afford to travel or to take off work. Stay focused, try not to take it personally. You invited them for a reason, and they still love you.* 

  • Buy engagement ring insurance (unless already included with the ring) 
  • This is not for everybody, it is not a necessary step however it is well advised in case something were to happen to your ring. 

  • Browse wedding themes and color schemes
  • When selecting and browsing for these vital items for your wedding, keep in mind the season in which you plan to get married. 

  • Browse vendors
  • Same with venues, vendors also book up fast. Contact your local vendors first because travel and shipping costs will increase if you go outside of your local area radius. Consider what you are comfortable with in regards to the travel radius for yourself. 

  • Browse wedding dresses 
  • For some brides, this is the most important part of planning their wedding. Picking the perfect dress can be difficult, but the sooner you start browsing the easier it will be.

    6 Months | 26 Weeks

  • Hire a wedding planner & event coordinator
  • Do your research when selecting a wedding planner. Actually read what they do when selecting a package. You want someone who will help you plan your wedding, be there on the day of your wedding and be available to answer any questions throughout this process. 

  • Order wedding insurance 
  • Some venues already offer their own venue insurance so you may or may not need to get this. However with larger groups it is always advised to opt in for insurance just in case. 

  • Finalize your guest list
  • It is time to commit to a guest list so that you can start preparing your invites, RSVP cards, info cards, seating arrangements, catering, etc. This will also help you to keep track of your budget.  

  • Commit to a Wedding Theme & Color Scheme
  • Before you can send any invites you need to know how to decorate/create them. Same goes for the wedding reception and ceremony decor, groomsmen ensemble, the bridesmaids attire, your jewelry, etc. 

  • Choose & book your caterer  
  • If your venue comes with its own catering service it is highly recommended to choose theirs because it is convenient. If not however, look into the facilities your venue offers before selecting a caterer. 

  • Hire a photographer/videographer 
  • Photographers and Videographers don’t book up as quickly, however it is better to be early than late to the game. 

  • Submit list of desired photos to the photographer 
  • This is both for the engagement and wedding photo shoot. You have a vision of what you want, and it is important to let your photographer/videographer know. Send them this list, but emphasize that their artistic creativity is also encouraged. 

  • Hire your band or DJ
  • To have a magical liaison between cocktail hour, speeches, grand entrance, first dance, and the party, you need a DJ or band. They usually include Microphone Control, lighting, and music that you suggest. 

  • Schedule & meet with officiant 
  • If you choose to have an officiant, be sure to schedule a meeting with them early on. 

  • Schedule premarital counseling sessions
  • Moreover, if this is something that you choose to do, be sure to schedule them in advance. 

    6 Months | 25 Weeks

  • Purchase a wedding dress
  • As soon as you purchase a wedding dress, call your preferred alterations/repairs stylist to book an appointment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

  • Finalize Wedding Date, Place & Time with Officiant
  • Make  sure the date you both choose fits your schedules, and see if the officiant is free that day. 

  • Book Venue
  • You have had time to browse and check availability, now it’s time to commit to a venue. If you don’t book it, someone else will. 

  • Select wedding party 
  • Decide who you want your maid of honor to be, the best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ringbearer, honored guests, etc. Be sure to ask them in your invites if they are willing to accept these roles and all that they entail. (For example, the maid of honor is usually in charge of throwing the bridal shower, and she might or might not be able to). 

  • Make a wedding website 
  • This is optional. If you do decide to make one, a great place to make your website is on the Knot. It’s free and easy to do! 

  • Schedule engagement photo shoot
  • Before making venue arrangements for the photoshoot, be sure you have a photographer. 

  • Browse invitations, RSVP’s & Save-the-Dates
  • There are so many websites where you can create and order your own invitations. Some websites include Canva and Vistaprint. Compare prices before making a purchase in order to ensure you’re saving! 


    6 Months | 24 weeks 

  • Purchase Invites, RSVP cards & save-the-dates
  • After making your dream invitations, be sure to order them so that you can get the cards out ASAP. 

  • Create your online registry 
  • There are many places to have a registry, pretty much every online store has one. However the most efficient website is Amazon because they have lots of brands, and practically everyone uses it. 

  • Choose bridesmaid attire
  • Be sure to choose an ensemble that best fits with your wedding theme. Azazie has so many color options to choose from. 

  • Browse & select a florist
  • After browsing various bouquets, or even speaking with other florists, schedule your florist for your wedding day. 

  • Send save-the-dates
  • The sooner you send save-the-dates, the more plausible it is that they will be able to schedule your wedding ahead of time before other events take precedence.

  • Plan & book rehearsal dinner (traditionally father-of-the groom does this)
  • Traditionally, the father of the groom helps to plan the rehearsal dinner, roughly 2-4 months out of the wedding date. 

  • Send rehearsal dinner invitations (unless sent with save-the-dates. Be sure to include the officiant)
  • Once the rehearsal is scheduled and ready to go, be sure to send out your rehearsal dinner invitations ASAP. Be sure to accommodate any guests who need hotel rooms as well.   

  • Select and book ceremony musicians
  • When you select your music, if you’re getting married in the church, be sure to approve it with the church you plan to be married in. Then, reach out to ceremony musicians with the intended schedule of music. 

  • Book your rental items
  • Rental items like boxwood backdrops, trees, entry gates, etc. book up very quickly. Reserve your spot before others do. If you don’t want to rent, ask friends and family if you can borrow any materials that they might have. 

  • Book a lighting specialist, unless already included with your DJ package
  • Most commonly, DJ’s offer this service as a package deal when hiring them. 


    5 Months 

  • Schedule transportation for the couple and/or party 
  • Transportation services will be important if you have guests being shuttled from a hotel to the ceremony, or ceremony to reception, etc. 

  • Purchase wedding bands
  • After purchasing the wedding bands, entrust them with your best man, if you wish to stick to tradition. 

  • Schedule honeymoon place and date
  • As all vacation planners know, hotels and resorts book up very fast. The sooner you plan your honeymoon, the better. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune. There are plenty of romantic stays that won’t break the bank. 

  • Browse and purchase/rent grooms & groomsmen tuxedos
  • Pinterest has great options for groomsmen attire, in all sorts of colors to view. Select your ensemble, then send these to your groom-to-be and discuss the attire before purchasing/renting the items. Mens Warehouse offers great deals on rentals all throughout the year! 

  • Purchase bridesmaid attire & accessories
  • Bridesmaids dresses should be bought in bulk at the same time if you wish everyone to match. Too many brides have the bridesmaids pay for them, and they wait until the last minute then their dress size isn’t there. Avoid this hassle by purchasing them all at once. 

  • Schedule fittings for bridesmaids
  • Whether you, or the bridesmaids will be purchasing the dress, it’s important to schedule fittings to ensure the length and fit are ready. 

  • Purchase bridal accessories, veil & shoes
  • Don’t forget to choose your veil, jewelry, purse/clutch, garter belt, etc. Another thing to remember is to buy a bag for your 911 kit. 

  • Attend Premarital counseling sessions
  • If your officiant requires this for you, they will have already given you a schedule to follow. Otherwise, be sure to schedule this ahead of time if you wish to attend premarital counseling. 

    4 Months

  • Finalize your menu with caterer
  • If you wish to attend food tasting sessions, schedule these before making your final decision.

  • Block out spaces for out of town guests at hotel 
  • This is VERY important. Your guests are not thinking about blocking out hotel rooms, so you have to do it for them. Blocking out simply means reserving them, not paying for the room. You can however pay for the room if you wish. 

  • Select & book the wedding cake/dessert caterers 
  • Cake testing should be an enjoyable experience. If it is not, you haven’t found the right baker. 

  • Schedule tuxedo fittings
  • You will want to schedule tuxedo fittings twice, just like you would for your wedding dress. 

  • Schedule makeup and hair trial appointments
  • Hair appointments are important so you can visually see yourself in different hairstyles. Online photos are great, but every hair and makeup style looks different on every person. 

  • Schedule to be off work & don’t think about it again until you have to 
  • Don’t forget to schedule off for your wedding day (and a few days leading up to it if you can) and for your honeymoon. 

    3 Months 

  • Order & mail invitations with RSVP cards 
  • Send out these invitations ASAP. The sooner you send them, the more likely people will be able to come to your wedding. 

  • Select your top five favorite wedding favors 
  • We don’t have to finalize the favors yet, but start narrowing down your top 5. Also consider your budget when choosing these. There are plenty of ways to save money when it comes to wedding favors, including making them yourself! 

  • Create & order wedding schedules to include in invitations, or to pass out the day of
  • After having met with the officiant/church, you should be able to solidify your wedding ceremony and reception schedule. 

  • Schedule/purchase a wedding photo booth (unless included with the DJ package)
  • If this isn’t already incorporated into your package with your dj, you can order backdrop rentals, photo props, etc. from your rental company or make/order them. A photobooth, also isn’t necessary especially if your venue is already a beautiful backdrop. 

  • Practice and review your vows
  • Whether you wrote them yourself or they were provided to you, practice makes perfect. And even then, you will forget, so be sure to bring a note up with you to the altar or have your bridesmaid hold it and hand it to you when the time comes. 

  • Assign duties to wedding party & confirm with party 
  • Wedding roles are very important, and choosing family and friends to fill roles can be stressful. It isn’t easy asking people to help sometimes, but in this case you need to. Roles include but are not limited to, guest book attendant, usher, ring bearer, flower girl, etc. 

  • Select your readings for the ceremony 
  • Your officiant if in a religious setting should have given you by now a book of readings to choose from. Select which ones you like and choose a reader. 

  • Begin your DIY decorations/ handcrafted faux flower bouquets 
  • If you haven't done so already, be sure to start on any DIY projects. 2 Months will go by very quick. 

    2 Months 

  • Enjoy your wedding dress fitting
  • Attend your dress fitting, whether this be your first and only or one of three. Don’t starve yourself to fit into a smaller size as that is not healthy. 

  • Select your undergarments for the wedding attire
  • Your wedding dress might need seamless undergarments, a bustier, a strapless bra, etc. It is best to order these now especially if they need to be custom made. 

  • Reach out to your wedding party and ask what hair and makeup they had in mind. Finalize their look and submit it to the stylist.
  • You don’t have to get their opinion on the hair and makeup style if you already have something in mind. It can be a fun time to sit around and sip tea while talking about the subject. 

  • Plan Your honeymoon 
  • Again, we need to start planning for that honeymoon. It can be difficult planning for a honeymoon and wedding all at once. Share some of the responsibility with your fiance to ensure all of the weight doesn’t fall on your shoulders. 

  • Book Wedding night hotel room
  • If you are having an out of town wedding, or you are far from home, be sure to book your hotel room.You may opt to stay at a different hotel than that of your guests.

  • Order wedding cake
  • Remember when browsing online, many cakes are extravagant and not necessarily budget friendly.  Keep this in mind when finalizing your cake choice. 

  • Obtain your wedding license from county/state clerk
  • This is very important. Before ordering your marriage license, be sure to research your state's laws. Every state is different.

  • Select & purchase/make wedding favors
  • Be sure to order a few more than you need just in case. 

  • Meet with florist 
  • Before meeting with your florist, layout your vision and have your saved photos ready. 

  • Select and submit song playlist to DJ / band / ceremony musicians 
  • Submit all final playlists, to both the DJ, Ceremony musicians, and cocktail hour musicians if different than the ceremony musicians. 

    1 Month 

  • Assemble & purchase wedding party gifts
  • People that you will want to consider buying gifts for include your parents, grandparents, bridesmaids, etc. 

  • Complete payments to vendors
  • Submit all final payments to vendors.

  • Make a Seating Chart 
  • Seating Charts are optimal for large guest counts, and sit down dinners. Always leave final seating arrangements up to you and your fiance alone.

  • Create & purchase place/escort cards 
  • After making your seating arrangements, create your placecards, order place card holders if needed, table numbers, and the seating chart poster & easel. 

  • Designate cash tips to vendors and keep them in a safe place
  • Buy money envelopes and keep all tips and final payments for vendors in a safe place. 

  • Schedule Manicure & Pedicure
  • Schedule a manicure and pedicure ahead of time, because these services book up all throughout the year. Browse nail ideas before finalizing your choice. 

  • Plan where your wedding party will dress
  • Sometimes the ceremony site has a place for all the bridesmaids and groomsmen to get dressed. If not, be sure to find a place for them to prepare for the wedding. 

  • Plan rehearsal dinner toast
  • For rehearsal dinner guests that wish to make a toast, kindly remind them to prepare their toasts in advance if they wish. 

  • Schedule your massage
  • You deserve it.

  • Schedule final dress fitting for bride
  • Most likely, this was scheduled at your last fitting session. If not, be sure to schedule this roughly 2 weeks to a month from the wedding date. 

    3 Weeks

  • Have maid of honor hunt down those who have not RSVP’d
  • If you don’t like uncertainty or the caterer needs a final head count ASAP, this can easily be put 1-2 months before the wedding date. 

  • Submit final headcount to the venue/caterers
  • After getting the RSVP stragglers, submit your final head count to your venue, caterer, and all other vendors who need this information. 

  • Confirm you're off work
  • Double check with work that you are indeed off. If they put up a fight, find your receipts (emails) showing that they indeed did agree to let you be off work. 

    1 Week 

  • Pack luggage for honeymoon 
  • Stop thinking about the wedding for a moment, and start looking forward to your relaxing honeymoon. Pack your bags while watching your favorite movie. 

  • Bring your rings to professional cleaners
  • Your rings might have gotten dirty over the past months, so select a ring cleaner so they look extra sparkly for the photos. (Be sure to put your engagement ring in a box and put it on AFTER the ceremony.) 

  • Practice your vows (write them down if you need to for the wedding day)
  • You have practiced them earlier, but it is time to refresh your memory once more.

  • Write a note/purchase a gift for your fiance 
  • Some couples choose to buy each other a gift, write extra vows in a vow book, and/or write a special note for them in preparation for their wedding. 

  • Enjoy your final dress fitting
  • This is your final dress fitting, and you actually get to keep your dress! Yay! 

    Night Before Your Wedding

  • Pack your bags for the wedding day (include an emergency bag)
  • Don’t forget to read up on 911 kits and what to include in them. You might be surprised by what you need. 

  • Pack items you wish to have photographed
  • Items such as invitations, RSVP’s and family heirlooms aren’t typically brought to the wedding. Be sure to bring them if you want photos of them taken by a professional. 

  • Steam, press & clean dress (designate someone to do this for you)
  • If you have a wedding coordinator, they should be doing this for you and be skilled at pressing/steaming a dress. If you don’t have one, designate someone to do this for you, such as the maid of honor or your mother. 

  • Give rings to trusted person, or priest, or pack them yourself
  • If not given already, submit your rings to your best man, trusted person, or officiant.  

    Wedding Day 

  • Enjoy your makeup and hair appointment with your friends & family
  • Relax, sleep in, do a few exercises if you wish, and enjoy being pampered. 

    Post Wedding

  • Order a Preservation Kit and submit your dress to us for wedding cleaning and preservation
  • The preservation kit should have been ordered before the wedding, so that you can send your dress to us ASAP. The sooner we get the dress, the more likely that the stains will come out. 

  • Enjoy your honeymoon
  • Congratulations! You made it! Enjoy your honeymoon and relax. 

  • Send out thank you cards
  • Be sure to thank everyone individually for their gifts and contributions to your wedding. For all those who you wanted to give gifts to, this is a perfect time to send or give those to them as well.

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