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Happily Ever After Preservation

Accessory Cleaning & Preservation

Accessory Cleaning & Preservation

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Happily Ever After Preservation can clean and preserve smaller keepsake items in our Accessory Box. This service is great for boxing veils and other wedding accessories. If you are interested in preserving Military Uniforms, School Memorabilia or even baby and child items, please refer to our Memory Box package

All items are cleaned and packaged using the Prestige Preservation Process.

  • Shipping and handling are included in the service.
  • You can preserve up to 5 items in this package without additional cost. 
  • This service is ideal for:
    • Veils
    • Shoes
    • Caplets
    • Trains
    • Ring Bearer pillows
    • Tiaras and headpieces
    • And much more!
  • Shipping Insurance of $500 is included.
  • Choose this item with your wedding dress cleaning and preservation package to have your accessories packaged separate from your dress.
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