31 Unique Wedding Themes

Choosing a wedding theme can be stressful. You want the wedding day to be memorable, but you don’t know which theme you want.Choosing a theme is essential to wedding planning, because this step involves choosing the colors, decorations, bridesmaids dresses, wedding favors, etc. 

This is preliminary planning. Don’t stress, and instead gather inspiration. Get a feel for what you and your partner like, and choose your top five wedding themes. Classic ones include black tie, mid-century modern, and preppy glam. For some brides though, these do not sound appealing whatsoever, (which is why you are more than likely here!) 

Here are some inspirational wedding boards that display unique wedding themes. Gather some inspiration, enjoy this process, and begin brainstorming. If you are crunched for time, read blogs such as this one and narrow down a top 5 list and go from there. Happy Planning! 


Desert Themed Wedding 

A trend right now is desert themed weddings. This is a great way to embrace the heat in the summer instead of dread it. 

Desert Themed Wedding : wedding theme ideas : wedding inspiration : what are some unique wedding themes?

Must Haves:

  • Eucalyptus Favors
  • Sand Decorations
  • Papyrus Invitations
  • Cacti and Evergreen Plants 
  • Dry Outdoor Venue


Gothic Themed Wedding

With the market expanding, it's easier to find Gothic decorations and dresses. Side note: photography during snowfall is a huge bonus). 

Gothic Themed Wedding : wedding theme ideas : wedding inspiration : what are some unique wedding themes?
Must Haves:
  • Indoor or Night Wedding
  • Somber lighting (hues of pink, purple, and yellow)
  • Candelabras 
  • Dress Code (to match your theme)
  • Candlelight (remember, some venues require no flame candles)


Resort Themed Wedding

Wait, are we on vacation or is this a wedding? This is a perfect theme for Destination Weddings and people who just like their RNR.

Resort Themed Wedding : wedding theme ideas : wedding inspiration : what are some unique wedding themes?

Must Haves:

  • Rented Spot on Beach
  • Rented lawn chairs & tents
  • Margaritas and Pina Coladas (can be non-alcoholic)
  • Beach Towel Favors 
  • Booked Rooms for Guests 


Lord of the Rings Themed Wedding 

Calling all J.R. Tolken Fans! Have you dreamed of  having a Lord of the Rings themed wedding but also want it to look classy? Here are your top 5!  

Lord of the Rings Themed Wedding : wedding theme ideas : wedding inspiration : what are some unique wedding themes?

Must Haves: 

  • Outdoor or Indoor Venue with Trees & Greenery
  • Dress Code (nothing over the top, just stick to certain colors)
  • Hobbit Font Signage
  • Moss Table Liners 
  • Beer On Tap 


Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Everybody wants their wedding to be magical…but perhaps you want to take it a step further. 

Harry Potter Themed Wedding : wedding theme ideas : wedding inspiration : what are some unique wedding themes?

Must Haves:

  • Wand stemmed bouquet
  • Golden snitch cake balls
  • Striped scarves for the groomsmen
  • Hanging candles (opt inn  for flameless to be safe)
  • Seating by houses (each guest gets put into a certain house and it correlates to their table)


 Library Themed Wedding

Who says you have to leave the book at home? Bring it with you to your wedding! 

Library Themed Wedding : wedding theme ideas : wedding inspiration : what are some unique wedding themes?

Must haves:

  • Tiered Book Aisle Ends 
  • Page garland 
  • (faux) Reading glasses as favors 
  • Book Pom-Poms 
  • Return card themed thank you cards 


Festival Themed Wedding

Festivals are a lot of fun, which is why it makes a perfect theme for those who love to play carnival games, do a color run, and more! 

Festival Themed Wedding : wedding theme ideas : wedding inspiration : what are some unique wedding themes?

Must Haves: 

  • Color Bombs
  • Carnival Games (i.e. ring  toss)
  • Popcorn on tap
  • Striped Tents 
  • Overhead Bulb Lighting 


Nautical Themed Wedding

Want a trip to the beach but just can’t manage that? Bring the beach theme to you on your wedding day!

Nautical Themed Wedding Idea

Must Haves:

  • Rope instead of garland
  • Anchor aisle runners with algae 
  • Sailboat or Lantern Centerpieces
  • Venue that accentuates wood architecture 
  • Seashell vase fillers 


Minimalist Themed Wedding

Sometimes less is better, and the less decorations you have to worry about the less stress you will have on and leading up to your wedding. 

Minimalist Themed Wedding Idea : Minimalist ,

Must Haves:

  • Basic Wedding venue with no key features 
  • Plain white geometric cake
  • Plain dress without beading or lace
  • White & Green Mini Bouquets 
  • Silver Cutlery 


Eclectic Themed Wedding 

If you want a POP of color in your wedding (or maybe a few) then this theme is meant for you. 

Eclectic Themed Wedding : wedding theme ideas : wedding inspiration : what are some unique wedding themes?

Must Haves: 

  • Mix Matched Bright Bridesmaid dresses 
  • Mix matched bright drinking glasses
  • Colorful streamers or banners 
  • Bright mix matched table runners
  • Pop Color Rugs instead of an aisle runner


Willy Wonka Themed Wedding

Skip the diet on your wedding day! 

Willy Wonka Themed Wedding : wedding theme ideas : wedding inspiration : what are some unique wedding themes?

Must haves: 

  • Candy Bar
  • Lollipops in the Bouquet 
  • Cotton Candy Tree CenterpiecesCenterpieces
  • Custom made Candy Cake
  • Peppermint Favors


Spiderman Themed Wedding

Odds are, your partner chose this one, and you have to work with it. Don’t worry, your wedding will still be amazing! 

Spiderman Theme Wedding Idea : Unique Wedding themes

Must Haves: 

  • Revealing Cake (inside cake is red & black)
  • Blue table runners
  • Red and Black attire for Party
  • Dark Blue Flower Bouquets
  • Webbing (lace) wedding dress 


Pirate Themed Wedding 

Enamored by treasure chests filled with rubies and the carefree nature of a pirate? 

Pirate Themed Wedding : Pirate wedding ideas for wedding inspiration

Must Haves:

  • Chests with candy tokens (favors)
  • Rum bottles with sand & rope
  • ‘Torn’ Wedding Dress Style
  • Lace Drapery 
  • Pirates Loot Wedding Cake


The Office Themed Wedding

For all major fans of the office, here is a wedding theme for you finally. 

The Office Themed Wedding : wedding ideas : wedding inspiration

Must Haves:

  • Office Chairs for Party
  • Potted Green Plants
  • Cheesy posters 
  • “World Best Bride/Groom” mugs (instead of toasting glasses)
  • Business Formal invitations 


Theme Park Themed Wedding 

To all thrill seekers, here is a wedding theme for ya! 

Theme park wedding : wedding ideas and inspiration : weddign

Must Haves:

  • Outdoor Venue
  • Rented Ride(s)
  • Casual Catering (i.e. hot dogs, buffet style)
  • Photo booths
  • Large Guest List


Haunted House Themed Wedding

This is for those who want to acknowledge Halloween in your wedding, or perhaps just like the theme. 

Haunted House Themed Wedding : wedding inspiration :

Must Haves: 

  • Indoor Venue (i.e. castle)
  • Cobwebs around bouquets 
  • Torn Table Cloths (cheesecloth would look great too) 
  • Dead Flowers
  • Somber lighting (flameless candles) 

Space Themed Wedding

For those that want a wedding out of this world…literally. 

Space Themed Wedding Inspiration : weddign

Must Haves: 

  • Holographic Flowers
  • USB star lighting (cascades stars onto walls and ceilings) 
  • Foggy & purple/pink illuminated dance floor
  • DIY Drop Star Decorations 
  • Engraved Jars with "Star Dust" for guests


Star Wars Themed Wedding 

Star Wars Themed Wedding : wedding inspiration

Must Haves: 

  • Lightsaber centerpieces
  • Metallic Cutlery 
  • Clone Troopers at Receptions
  • First Dance with LightSabers 
  • Soundtrack Throughout Wedding 
  • Lightsaber handle bouquets 

50s Themed Wedding

If the diner and 57 Chevys are your thing, then opt in for this 50’s themed wedding! (ps. It might make some guests nostalgic) 

 50s themed wedding : fifties themed wedding : wedding inspiration

Must Haves:

  • Rented 50's themed restaurant for reception
  • 57' Chevy Transportation 
  • Dice Wedding Favors
  • Milkshakes for Guests
  • Dress Code for Guests 

Renaissance Themed Wedding

Renaissance fairs are lovely and all…but what if you want them to be your wedding themed too?

 Renaissance Themed WEdding : wedding inspiration

Must Haves: 

  • Dress code for guests
  • Outdoor Venue or a Castle
  • Burgundy Wedding Dress (to match the era)
  • Covered Tents with Renaissance Games 
  • Personalized Wedding Favors 

Oktoberfest Themed Wedding 

Pass the beer! This wedding theme is perfect for the October month or Oktoberfest fans! 

 Oktoberfest Themed Wedding : wedding themes inspiration

Must Haves: 

  • Beer on Tap (preferrably German beer)
  • Bavarian Music in background
  • Live band with brass instruments
  • Outdoor venue with tents
  • Non-alcoholic cider

60s Themed Wedding

This one will have guests saying for years, “That was totally groovy.” 

 60s themed wedding : wedding inspiration

Must Haves: 

  • 60's style hair for wedding ensemble & party
  • Bright Florals everywhere
  • "Groovy" invitations 
  • Venue with stained glass windows
  • Corelle Dishwear


80s Themed Wedding 

An 80s themed wedding? Gnarly dude…

 80s themed wedding : wedding theme inspiration

Must Haves: 

  • Lots of Hollographic Balloons
  • Dance Floor with Disco Ball
  • Dress Code for Guests
  • Neon Lights
  • Iconic 80s themed wedding dress (cue in the puffy sleeves!) 


Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Ever want to hop in a time traveling machine and head to the roaring 20s? 

 Great Gastby Themed Wedding : wedding inspiration for themes : wedding planning

Must Haves: 

  • Confetti galore!  
  • Flapper Dresses for Bridesmaids 
  • 1920's Ford as Transportation
  • Headband for Reception (or incorporate it into your veil)
  • Professional Makeup artist to complete your ensemble


Christmas Themed Wedding

Is your wedding near Christmas day? IF you want to embrace this season with a christmas theme, you can do so without being too gaudy. 

Christmas Themed Wedding : wedding themed wedding inspiration

Must Haves:

  • Pincone Centerpieces
  • Gift wrapped wedding favors
  • Season : Winter or the month of July
  • Sugar Cookies Appetizers 
  • Drapery with Ornaments 


Patriotic Themed Wedding 

Happen to have a wedding on the Fourth of July? No worries! You can still be patriotic and classy. 

 PAtriotic : 4th of July themed wedding

Must Haves: 

  • Sprinklers & fireworks for outdoors (if allowed with venue) 
  • Cupcakes with star sprinkles
  • Red, White & Blue Table Runners
  • American Flag Decorations
  • Uniforms for groom & groomsmen (if they are/were in service)

Under the Sea Wedding Theme

Ariel fan? Or maybe you just love the ocean life. Either way, this wedding theme will not disappoint. 

Under the Sea themed wedding : wedding inspiration  

Must Haves: 

  • Aquarium Venue 
  • Coral Centerpieces
  • Blue lighting 
  • Seashell & Starfish Decorations
  • Floating Tea Candles


Masquerade Themed Wedding 

Masquerade balls don’t happen every day, in fact the odds of one popping up near you is next to zero. So why not host your own as a theme on your wedding day? 

Masquerade themed wedding : wedding inspiration

Must Haves: 

  • Mask Favors ( You can’t expect your guests to have spare masks laying around)

  • Velvet Table Liners

  • Chandeliers

  • Confetti

  • Champagne 


Paris Themed Wedding

Ahh Paris…la cité d’amour. Why not bring Paris to you and save by not having to spend money on airfare?

Paris Themed Wedding : wedding inspiration ,

Must Haves:

  • Macaroons

  • Historical Architecture 

  • Un petit tour effeil 

  • Baguettes avec Beurre (hor d'oeuvres) 

  • Wine (can be non-alcoholic)

Wizard of Oz Themed Wedding 

This beloved movie makes for a great wedding theme, when done right. The colors can be mistaken for Patriotic unless you casually add in some greens (Tower of Oz) and yellow! (Yellow brick road).

Wizzard of Oz Themed Wedding : wedding ideas and wedding inspiration

Must Haves: 

  • Silver Shoes (the OG in the book)
  • A Yellow aisle runner
  • Outdoor Venue (preferably with trees)
  • Posies 

Barbie themed wedding

You know that movie that is trending right now? What if you want a wedding to match the current vibe?! 

Barbie themed wedding : wedding inspiration

Must Haves:

  • Pool for guests (can be for show)
  • Dress Code for Guests 
  • Photo Booth (Barbie Themed) 
  • Pink Corvette Transportation 
  • Barbie Cake or a classic white cake with pink sugar quartz

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