Wedding Necessities

Weddings don't have to be an event that has to be planned years in advance. They can instead be simplistic, minimalist even. This sort of wedding planning is bound to be budget friendly, and carries less risk of being extra stressful. Here are the things necessary to have a wedding. Additional items such as a Stylists, Florist, Decoration Rentals, etc. are all optional. 

What You NEED For A Wedding

Ceremony Site

ceremony ideas for budget friendly weddings | What You Need for a Wedding

Where and When you get married is something that has to be planned out. A very Budget friendly and beautiful option is your place of worship. Once this is booked, all you actually NEED is for you and your future spouse to show up that day at the wedding, with your close loved ones and dearest friends. Their invites can simply be you inviting them when you announce your engagement. 



ceremony ideas for budget friendly weddings | What You Need for a Wedding

You NEED an officiant in order for your marriage to be valid. They are there usually by means of the state, ‘officiating’ your wedding as a witness. However, be sure to consult with your district clerk to learn more about your state’s laws. 


Marriage License

ceremony ideas for budget friendly weddings | What You Need for a Wedding

If you ask someone who eloped, they might say that their wedding cost just as much as the paper it took to write their names on. You will need this when going to get married and certain filing days after the wedding differs per state. 


Reception Hall

Budget friendly weddings | What You Need for a Wedding

This is, believe it or not, also OPTIONAL. You don’t NEED a reception hall in order to have and host a wedding. However, if you wish to have a party to celebrate your marriage, you will need to book your venue. A budget friendly option is your friend’s, family’s, or even your backyard!



ideas for budget friendly weddings | What You Need for a Wedding

If your place of worship or ceremony site is far away, you will need a way to get there, to your reception, and back to your place/hotel. 



ideas for budget friendly weddings | What You Need for a Wedding

Your attire can be rented, or thrifted if on a budget. A lot of boutiques also have sample sales, where dresses are SUPER discounted. A $2,000 dress is usually then around $500 once on the sale rack. Just keep in mind alteration costs if needed. 


Wedding Bands

Wedding bands | wedding rings | how to save money on your wedding | wedding budgeting advice and tricks and tips

To finalize the ceremony, be sure you have your wedding bands with you! The best time to buy these are during Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Prime Day (other stores usually have huge sales to compete with Amazon’s sales). 



You most certainly will want a wedding cake! These don’t have to cost a fortune. If you get a simple white two tiered cake you can decorate the cake with artificial flowers and remove them when it comes time to eat! Also, many restaurants offer catering. If catering is out of budget, invite friends and family to a potluck reception, or help to cook dinner for everyone a couple nights before. This can be their wedding gift to you and your spouse. This in of itself can also be quite the party.

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And there you have it. A wedding, without the extra stress, but no less love. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding to have a good memorable time. Many brides often say the wedding day occurs in moments, and the fine details are lost in the hustle and bustle of the day. 

Remember, money doesn’t make you happy. You said yes to your future spouse for a reason. Hang on to that beautiful moment, and cling to the love you feel for your spouse. 

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