Wedding Accessory Preservation | How It's Done

The veil is by far the most popular accessory for brides.  However, there are other accessories that brides want to add to their preservation kits, such as handkerchiefs, jewelry, and belts. I will be explaining how each accessory is incorporated into our preservation kit service. Our goal is always to preserve YOUR story. 

With our preservation process, all accessories are cleaned separately before entering the preservation department. We use unique methods to secure the accessories and gown by using Prestige ribbon. All accessories that are not opted in for display, but just for preservation, are wrapped 3 times in tissue paper and secured behind the dress form in the preservation kit.

Please be advised that if you want an accessory to be displayed (or perhaps hidden) please let one of our customer service representatives know, and we will be happy to help you!  The listed accessories are the ones that we have available as options in the “add accessories” portion of the preservation kit order process. If you don't see an available option for something that you want preserved, feel free to call us and we will see what we can do for you!


The Veil

Wedding Veil add on accessory to preservation kit

The most common accessory that is added to preservation kits are veils! Each one is cleaned before being added to the case. The middle of the veil will be secured to the top of the box, and the ends will be secured along the sides with ribbon.



tiara add on to preservation kit

The tiara will either be secured in tissue paper behind the bust form, out of sight if it cannot be properly displayed. Otherwise, we will secure it for display at the top of the dress form, where the middle of the veil would be/is. 



The slip will either be secured behind the bust form, carefully wrapped in white preservation tissue paper, or it will be placed on the dress form as well along with the dress if it is a two piece-dress.


Garter Belt

The garter belt can be displayed, however that is completely up to you. Please let us know how you would like to preserve this accessory. If it is on display, it will be showcased along the waistline to the side more than likely, secured with ribbon so it doesn’t move around. 



If the camisole is meant to be a part of the dress, then it will be placed on the dress form along with the dress (the way you wore it). If it was something separate that you simply wanted preserved for memories sake, then it will be carefully wrapped in tissue paper and placed behind the dress form.



The sweater/jacket will be displayed over the dress in the package, unless otherwise noted not to. There is also the option to preserve the sweater separately in a memory box if that is something that you are interested in. 



The headpiece can be displayed along the waistline or it can be secured up at the top of the box for display as well. If you want it to be out of view, it can be carefully preserved behind the dress form. 


Pictures & Keepsake Papers

keepsake papers add on to preservation kit for wedding dress preservation

For Photos and Keepsake Papers, we never want them to touch the gown because they may transfer color over time. Instead, we secure them to the inner side of the box.


The shawl can be secured like the veil, draping like an open curtain over the dress,  it can be diagonal to the dress, or it can be secured behind the dress form. 



Gloves will be displayed along the waistline, if you choose for them to be showcased, otherwise they will be wrapped and placed behind the dress form. 



These will be displayed along the waistline, or depending on the length, above the dress mimicking a veil. They can also be placed behind the dress form. 



For any clutches and purses, they will be cleaned separately and placed in tissue paper, secured behind the dress form. 


Detachable Train 

Normally, we attach the train before preserving the dress, so that way the entirety can look intact and preserved like the day you wore the dress.  However depending on the size of your train and dress, you may need to call for further estimate. 



With jewelry, to ensure that none of the pieces get damaged, we securely wrap it in paper and place it behind the bust form in the kit. We would love nothing more than to display your jewelry, however its security is of the utmost importance.


Hair Accessories

All hair accessories will be secured behind the dress form, wrapped in tissue paper. As much as we would like to display them, we don’t want them to cause damage to the dress. 



The belt will be displayed along the waistline, secured with a ribbon! 



The sleeves will be placed on a dress form and displayed as though they were a part of the dress. If you wish for them to be separate, we can display them along the waist or behind the dress form. 



 If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! We look forward to preserving your story. 


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