The Wedding Dress: History & Progression

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Did We Always Wear White?

  Why are wedding dresses white? It has been THE iconic wedding dress for over 20 decades! When did white become such a popular option? Are brides forever destined to wear white on their wedding day? Let’s dive in! 

      What if I told you that white used to be an unpopular choice? What!? I know, I was just as shocked as you were. But, it’s true! “Before the 19th century…Different colours were used by various brides, depending on their preferences.” The most popular choices were, “red, brown and russet. (Ade)

Short Answer, is No!

      Some of the most iconic wedding dresses started the biggest trends in fashion history. Also, there were other honorable mentions such as The red wedding dress by Yves St. Laurent, or Vera Wang's rather artistic dresses? However, the one that stuck with us the longest was Queen Victoria’s white wedding gown. 

      This popular white dress wasn’t around until “1840 when Queen Victoria of England got married to Prince Albert.” (Ade).  Not too much later, white was a hit! Almost everyone wore white on their wedding day. But it’s 2022. Is it time for a change? Not necessarily.

The Modern Bride

      We should remember that trends are trends. If your goal is to have a fashionable trendy chic wedding, then stick with the white dress. However, it isn’t necessary. The beauty of modern day is that we can express ourselves the way we want! 

      If your goal is to be yourself, or if you just simply like the white gown, then wear it! Fashion can be used for style OR for self expression. This is YOUR big day! Wear what you feel comfortable in, and enjoy your wedding! 



Quotes: Author, Yewande Ade, “A brief History of the White Wedding Dress,” August 28, 2021  


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