10 Spring Wedding Nail Trends

Whether you just got engaged, or your wedding day is coming up this spring, choosing the perfect nail style is vital. Countless photos will be taken during this season of your life. You will be showing off your stunning nails during moments such as when you are signing the guest book, cutting the cake, holding your bouquet, or your first kiss. Needless to say, someone (especially your photographer)  is bound to take an upclose picture of your hands (and that beautiful ring) at some point. 

Choosing the style that best suits your needs should not be a chore but rather fun! Let’s take a look at the latest trends and help find the right fit for you. 

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French Tip

This is a timeless look, best suited for an elegant theme. You can change it up by switching the color of the tip to match your flowers or your color scheme. 

All Natural

Brides are choosing to go bare this spring. This style will save you time and money, and pairs well with a cottagecore or bohemian themed wedding. (P.S. you can always pair this with clear nail polish if you still want to get a manicure at some point). 

Bling Bling

Whether you want embellishments or nail jewelry, this look is a showstopper. Popular embellishments include diamonds, opal, and gold flakes. (Just make sure it doesn’t take away from your ring!) 

Something Blue

Not only is royal Blue a popular nail color right now, but it can also be part of your ‘somethings!’


Florals are by far one of the most popular styles right now. It goes with almost every theme (cottagecore, elegant, preppy, etc.) and is a fun way to style your wedding outfit.

Pale Pastels 

Not quite as bare like all natural, this look adds an extra touch of elegance to your ensemble. Popular wedding pastel colors include rose pink, evergreen, and amber yellow. 


This new look is in the front seat driving for 2023. The extreme gloss look is a step up from pastels, making them stand out a bit more. 


Velvet & Glitter Bomb nail styles are great for photos. This nail style cascades light everywhere and looks stunning with any wedding attire. 

Square Tip

The square tip is making a comeback! It is classy and easy to pair with many of the styles mentioned above. 


White outfit? Why not white nails! White nails are back in style, and can be paired with floral decals  to match your bouquet. 

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