Preppy Halloween Themed Party

happy halloween from happily ever after preservation | we know we are early, but youre probably planning your halloween parties now!


If your engagement party, bridal shower, or couples party happens to be in October, that gives you a perfect reason to incorporate Halloween into your theme! 

With the preppy theme we are going for a more cutesy version of Halloween, not the spooky side of it. This means more glitter, glam, and gateaux versus brains, zombies and ghosts. 


Color Scheme 

Every party needs a color scheme because it is the unifying factor. With colors you want to add a complimenting shadow base and highlight along with your main colors. It is optional to add a glitter or metallic color as well. You should never have more than 5 colors in your palette (including the metallics and glitter)

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • White (Highlight
  • Gold (Metallic)
  • Black

 Fall themed engagement party | Halloween themed engagement party | How to have an engagement party during Halloween

The Food

A hungry guest is an unhappy guest! Here are some spooky treats and delicious dinner ideas to feed your family and friends! 

  • Pumpkin cake pops with edible glitter
  • Iced Ghost Sugar Cookies
  • Pizza Margherita with Basil
  • Vegetarian Sushi Dragon Roll 
  • Carrot Cake with Candy Corn Garnish 
  • Candy Corn Bowls 



Besides the usual soda and water, these drinks will surely amaze your guests. (P.S. These can be made as mocktails.)

  • Orange Punch with Pumpkin Ice Cubes 
  • Mocktails 
  • Orange Creme Soda

 mocktails and cocktails for your engagement party during halloween or a fall themed party



Every party needs activities, especially if it is for your engagement or bridal shower! 

  • Dress Coded Costume Party
  • Croquet with themed Equipment 
  • Themed Bridal Bingo 
  • Themed Movie/Televison Program 24-7 in background 
  • Haystacks with Photo props 

 Haystack with photo props idea for engagement party and bridal shower



  • Pumpkins (not Jack-O-Lanterns)
  • White table clothes & Orange Glitter Table Runners 
  • Preppy Pumpkin Garland 
  • Orange & White Paper Chains Above 
  • Wreath with Welcome Sign 
  • Mum flower pots or window boxes 

 Pumpkin Decor | Pumpkin decor for engagement party


Costume Ideas 

With the preppy theme, we are not going to opt in for costumes, but rather a color palette dress code for both the host and the guests. Here are some cute outfit ideas that match the color scheme! 


Saks Fifth Avenue | "One33 Social Sequined Ruffled Wrap Dress"

Saks Fifth Avenue "One33 Social" Orange Sequin Dress

Saks Fifth Avenue | "Staud Calluna Chiffon Flounce Midi-Dress"

Saks fifth avenue | Staud Calluna Chiffon Flounce Midi-Dress


Saks Fifth Avenue | "Staud Mini Carver Wool-Blend Cropped Coat"

Staud Mini Carver Wool-Blend Cropped Coat | Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue | "Frame Le Super High Flare Murphy Stretch Jeans"

Saks Fifth Avenue | Frame Le Super High Flare Murphy Stretch Jeans

Saks Fifth Avenue | "Staud Wally 45MM Suede Ankle Boots"

Saks Fifth Avenue | Staud Wally 45MM Suede Ankle Boots


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