Basketball & Your Wedding

Are you a huge sports fan? Are you excited for The Big Dance? Are you also trying to plan a wedding and was hoping that there is some way to intertwine basketball with your big day? Luckily, there are plenty of themes to choose from for weddings.

Anything that you imagine in 2024, you can usually create. If basketball is a theme that represents a huge part of your life, your favorite hobby, or the sport you are most passionate about, then you can certainly make it your wedding theme. 

Basketball Wedding Day Gameplan

Feel free to use ideas from this blog as a base for your dream wedding theme planning. Take some ideas, mend them to the way you envision, or let them inspire you to create your own great ideas. Happy planning!

Basketball Hoops

If you want your guests to be encouraged to play basketball, put a hoop out in the venue, with the venue's permission. A lot of gyms rent out their space for events, and you can ask to have the hoops lowered for your event after dinner. You can even provide unique basketballs that are handpainted to be wedding themed on websites such as Etsy

On Kylee Ann’s Photography she displays how a couple decorated an inground basketball hoop outdoors for their wedding. 

Basketball Themed Wedding by Kylee Ann Photography


Basketball Wedding Favor Chocolates 

Who doesn’t love chocolate? There are plenty of websites and stores that offer basketball wrapped chocolates for your sports themed wedding. Check out to see their affordable option! | Basketball Candies


Kick the Heels 

Instead of walking down the aisle in pumps, maybe opt in for a pair of Chucks. Besides, they are most likely much more comfortable!  This also allows you and your partner to adorably match since they offer unisex options! 

Chucks Wedding Themed Shoes


Will You Sign Please?

While it would be great to get a signature from Michael Jordan or Lebron James, today we are asking for signatures from your guests! Instead of a guestbook, use a blank basketball! Check out this example from TheKnot.

Basketball Guestbook | Sign your autograph on the Knot


Hopefully these ideas have helped you start your planning process for your wedding day! Remember to enjoy the planning process and take a deep breath. And again, Happy planning!

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