How to Have a Thrifty Wedding

 Are you looking to have a budget conscious wedding? Do you have a low budget in mind since you are looking to spend more on the honeymoon? Here are ideas on how to be thrifty during your wedding, without skipping out on the elegance and still making your day memorable.

The Dress

Did you know that brides will spend on average around $1,000 on a dress AT LEAST? But not every bride wants to spend that much, so where can you find a high quality dress without the high prices? Are you looking to spend around $500 or less? Well, you're in luck because I know just the places for you to go to find a budget conscious dress. 


As I had mentioned in my last blog there are so many cool things that you can get from SHEIN for your wedding, including a dress! They have all sorts of styles and the quality is great and so are the prices. Their dresses range from $10-$100 on average. 

Saks Fifth Avenue

This prestigious place has a rap for being quite expensive, however if you are looking for a dress in the $500 price range, they have some options! They have name brand wedding dresses that will go on sale, or even at full price, they are within budget. Impeccable quality too! 

Your Local Thrift Store

I am more than certain you have already thought about going here, and I know that it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. But sometimes, you can get lucky and find name brand dresses, like Alexander McQueen, in these hidden gem stores. One time I found a Vera Wang bridesmaid’s dress for only $7! And, it still had tags on it! 

Online Thrift Stores

Have you heard of PoshmarkMercari? Facebook Marketplace? These are all great sites to visit if you’re looking for a wedding dress! (Or really any clothing). The cool thing is that you can filter what you are looking for by size, color, length, etc. and find exactly what you are looking for- without that full-price tag. 


I am sure that you have been looking into where to get married, and this can be a tough decision! However, luckily there are some budget friendly places that you can go to have a glamorous wedding! 

Your Local Farm

Farm weddings have been and will continue to be such a big trend for reception and ceremonial places for weddings. Usually people will rent these out in the fall, for that pumpkin patch aesthetic. Not to mention, fairly lights for some reason look beautiful with this theme! 

Your Local Place of Worship 

Do you have a community of friends at your local place of worship? Are you friends with the leader? See if you can rent out this place for your union! Usually there will be a space for the ceremony along with a location (maybe in or outside) for the reception. 

Your backyard

Do you, friend or family member have a big backyard? Or perhaps a house for a reception? Why not have the party here? I have seen so many brides opt in for their own home as a ceremony AND reception hall. 


A lot of times renting decorations or spending full price on bulk orders can get really expensive really quick. Luckily, there are other options out there! 


Thrift Stores

I know I have brought up this before, however it is so true that you can find NWT items at thrift stores that you will pay a fraction of the original price tag for. To read more about awesome thrift store finds, click here! 


They have lots of bulk decoration items here on Amazon (but then again what don’t they have.) While they are still kind of pricey, they are definitely more adorable than some sites. 

DIY Décor!

Not only can DIY projects be a great bonding time with whoever you complete these projects with, but they are also much more affordable. If you purchase the supplies from wholesale retailers, you can get the best price too! 


You don't have to travel to Paris to have a great honeymoon (although that is nice too). There are local options and budget friendly trips that you can plan! 


Your local Bed & Breakfast 

Have you taken a look at what is right around the corner from where you are now? Sometimes when we do a quick Google search we can find some unexpected hidden gems! To read more about where to find some cool honeymoon destinations near Cincinnati, click here! 

A Friends Cabin

Does one of your acquaintances have a lake house or cabin available that you could use? Give them a call! You never know until you ask. 

Travel Bundles 

If you look on sites like ExpediaTrivagoBooking, etc. you can find discounted travel bundles. A lot of times they will include hotels and flight arrangements pre scheduled for you! 

So, let us know if you have any other ideas on how to have a thrifty wedding in the comments below! 

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