Don’t Let April Showers Rain on Your Day

The rhyme “April Showers May Flowers” can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Showers can be fun and exciting for some brides while others dread the thought of it.  Now, we aren’t talking about wedding showers, like TheKnot does here. We are unfortunately on the topic of weather. 

All Seasons Have Their Disadvantages 

Any season throughout the year holds its temperaments. Spring brings rain and thunderstorms, the Summer brings on the heat, fall brings allergies and the winter brings cold weather with the possibility of snow. No matter what time of year it is, the weather doesn’t hold back. 

In April, according to Farmers Almanac April averages about “2.52 inches” of precipitation, whereas June ranks as the top month for rain, averaging at “3.15 inches.” This may be surprising since the poem has promised us the most rain in April. 

No matter what month it is, planning for bad weather is always important. A good rule of thumb is to plan as though it will rain just in case. If it doesn’t you will be over prepared which is better than the later. 

Here are ways to prepare for wedding showers if you don’t want to be singing in the rain. 

Always be prepared for a rainy day when planning a wedding | How to prepare for rain on your wedding day


Always Be Prepared for a Rainy Day

As many say, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. This is the same case when planning for a wedding. When planning for your wedding consider rain when selecting a venue, the transportation limitations for vendors in cases of weather, your dress if having an outdoor wedding, and even the hairstyle in some cases if your hair is highly affected by humidity. Also, pack an umbrella just in case.

Pack a Waterproof Travel Bag

If your wedding is out of town, and you will be gone for a while be sure to pack appropriate clothes and shoes for in case of rain especially if you will be out of town for a while. Don't forget items such as flip flops/sandals, umbrella(s), a poncho, anti-static spray if needed,  etc. 

Pick a Venue with Accommodations 

As mentioned earlier, your venue will play a huge part in your plan B when in case of rain. Don’t be shy when asking questions to the venue about their policy regarding rainy days. Some venues offer tents for free while others may charge extra, and this is important to keep in mind when selecting the place you wish to celebrate your wedding.

Plan Your Entrance 

If it does rain your entrance will be affected, especially if you’re outdoors. You can’t wait outside in the rain to enter a building so you need to have people there to help you from either a car, another building with umbrellas opened and ready to shelter you. This is important to keep in mind as well in case of high gusts. Keep this plan in mind for both your entrance to the ceremony site and reception hall if doing a grand entrance there as well with your partner. 

Bustle Your Dress

Make sure your dress has an option to where you can bustle it, in case it rains and also for comfort during the reception. Some dresses don't come with this option already, which is important to note to your seamstress when you have your fitting appointment. 

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