Do’s & Dont's For When Creating Your Wedding Playlist

A part of the wedding that we all as guests take for granted is the music. There is music during the ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, the entry and exit music. It is literally there the entire time yet we just kinda expect it to be there without any thought as to how it got there. 

When planning a wedding it is very important to consider what type of vibe you want for your big day. Do you want the ceremony to be more sentimental and warm while the reception has more of a party atmosphere? Your music choices will be detrimental to making this come together. 

With this in mind, let's explore some pro tips when planning your wedding serenade, and take a look at what to do and what NOT to do when creating your wedding playlist. 

Pick Songs That You BOTH Love

Oftentimes when planning our wedding we are more focused on making our guests happy rather than ourselves. While it IS important to want to have your guests have a good time, thinking too much about this will kill the vibe if you guys are not having fun. 

So when planning your music, especially for the reception if you want dancing, pick songs that you know that you both love, and your guests will like as well.

Another point to this is, to choose songs that you and your future spouse both like. Don’t just choose your favorite songs. They should be songs that you both like. If neither of you have the same taste in music, go half and half. 

Add Transitions in Between Songs

No one likes a stop and go song playlist. It is good to have a D.J. on deck to quickly transition songs to keep the flow moving and the guests on the dance floor. If you choose not to have a DJ, you can easily pre-create your own playlist using Spotify, where you can set up your own transitions and wedding reception playlist. 

Choose Songs with Similar Tempo 

Choosing similar tempos will set the scene for your ideal theme. Fast upbeat songs make for a more vibrant loud time, while the slower ones will create a more elegant relaxing experience. 


Do NOT Have Pauses in Between Songs if You Want to Keep Them Dancing

If you don’t particularly care about the dance floor, a live band is a great option. Bands have to stop and take breaks and that means the people on your dance floor will, and they might not come back. A DJ or pre-recorded playlist is ideal when wanting a booming dance floor.

Do NOT Mix Up Song Themes/Genres

If you and your future spouse love completely different types of music, find ones that sound alike and compromise. It is important to remember the theme of your wedding as well when creating your playlist. 

For example of what not to do : mix bluegrass music with hip-hop constantly throughout the night back and forth. It is okay to throw in an outlier song here and there but not ideal throughout the entire reception. 


Do NOT Play Slow & Fast Songs Back on Back 

When creating your playlist, group the songs together. If people are having to constantly get up and down in order to dance to their preferred songs, your dance floor will be a ghost town. To avoid this, group the fast songs together and likewise with the slower ones. It is okay to throw in a couple of slow partner dances in there, but not constantly. 


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