18 Places to Propose in Cincinnati

     Getting ready to ask the question? It can be nerve wracking just thinking about it! When, where, how are probably all questions running through your mind. Luckily, we can most definitely help you with the second! 

     If you live in the Cincinnati Area or are visiting, here are 17 stunning locations to consider when wondering WHERE to propose. 

1. Ault Park 

fountain stairs at Ault Park in Cincinnati Ohio

     This is my #1 choice for when if comes to choosing the perfect place to propose, and even get married!. It has a scenic view and the Parisian architecture is breathtaking. Bonus tip! If you do plan to have a wedding there, plan years in advance since there is a long wait list. 

2. Cincinnati Art Museum 

     The art museum is famous for elegant weddings. Their amazing staff puts hours of work into setting up all of the tables and seats for your perfect day. The place where the ceremony takes place is a beautiful garden with a gazebo. But who says that is only for weddings? It can be a great spot for a romantic proposal too! 

3. Cincinnati Zoo

peacock at Cincinnati zoo

     Calling all animal lovers! Here at the zoo you can feed giraffes, go on a cute train ride that overlooks the zoo, see a polar bear display and more! Not to mention, the Holiday Festival of Lights display is breathtaking and the Annual Wine Walk is a lot of fun! 

4. Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory 

vines at Krohn conservatory

     There are all sorts of events that go on here at the Conservatory; two popular ones in which are the Butterfly Show in spring, and the Annual Train Display for the winter season. But if you're looking for more of a quiet setting, all year round they are open (except for major holidays) and the botanical gardens serve as a peaceful setting. Not to mention there is a miniature wooden bridge with a cascading waterfall over looking it...

7. Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park home of the Reds

     Do you both LOVE sports? Why not get involved before the big game and let them know that you are planning to propose so you both can be featured on the pop up screen? 

 8. Smale Riverfront Park

Smale Park in Cincinnati Ohio view of the John A. Roebling bridge

     Here we have a romantic view of the river just across the city of Newport. It is a nice walk along the riverfront and makes its way from bridge to bridge. You will have lots of time to talk, calm down, and enjoy the moment. There are multiple little nooks & crannies adorned with flowers, if you prefer privacy.

9. Washington Park

Washington Park in Cincinnati Ohio with the gazebo in view

     This is such a beautiful place to visit if you are wanting to tour Cincinnati or enjoy perhaps a seasonal festival. Right across the park is the famous Music Hall! Imagine, a scenic starry night stroll here after a romantic opera or concerto. There is a beautiful gazebo adorned with fairy lights and many restaurants scattered nearby that offer a variety of good tastes and wines. 

 10. Eden Park

Welcome to Eden park in Cincinnati Ohio

     If you two love long walks together, Eden Park is your place. This park is massive with lots of great places to ask the question to your loved one. You can choose between a gazebo overlooking a giant lake with a fountain, or an over look of Cincinnati, and more! 

11. Purple People Bridge

Purple People Bridge in Cincinnati Ohio

     Many used to put locks along the railing with their initials on it. While now, this is not permitted, the bridge still has an affinity for romance. It looks over both Cincinnati and Kentucky and the view during a sunset or sunrise is stunning. 

12. WEBN Fireworks Event 

WEBN fireworks in Cincinnati Ohio view from the bridge

     Want your day to be memorable? Why not propose during a fireworks show?  Sometimes you can even reserve the bridge for an excellent and more scenic view as well. 

13. Devou Park

     Here there are lots of activities to choose from such as an overlook of Cincinnati and a romantic gazebo. They even advertise on their website that you can plan a wedding there! The florals are immaculate and the view is scenic. 

14. Mt. Airy Forest

     Do you like nature trails? Are you and/or your partner avid hikers? Here is a light beginners trail for you that can be refreshing and romantic for you then. Opt in for a bike rental or just walk the trails.  (They even have equestrian trails!) Mt. Airy also has an arboretum that you can visit as well! 

15. BB Riverboats Cruise

BB Riverboats cruise in Cincinnati Ohio

     Plan an event here on the BB Riverboat cruise and sail along the Ohio river. Getting a view of both Cincinnati and its neighbors. The food is great and there is a lot of flexibility in regards to being able to move around the boat. There is also a romantic patio in the front and back.

16. Winton Woods

      Here they have lots of activities to choose from, and is also a great place to take the kiddos! There are many options such as canoeing, paddle boating, hiking biking, fishing, and more! Not to mention the view when you are on the boat is gorgeous and is especially peaceful if that is the atmosphere that you are seeking. 

17. Carew Tower Observation Deck

Street View of Carew tower in Cincinnati Ohio

     If or your partner don't like heights, don't opt in for this engagement idea. There is a cost to go up and there are certain hours that it is open. The elevator riding up is a bit wobbly, but the view is definitely worth the hassle. Before the Queen City Tower was built, it was the tallest building in Cincinnati. 

18. Music Hall

 music hall in Cincinnati ohio

     As mentioned before, there is the iconic Music Hall in Downtown Cincinnati. Are you both music admirers? Do you enjoy the fine arts and find them to be romantic? Then could you imagine taking your loved one to a romantic concerto or opera and then afterwards asking the question in the grandiose hall. 


     Didn't like any of the places mentioned above? If you are interested in seeing what other parks are out there in Cincinnati, click here. If you are more interested in some upbeat places or events, click here 

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