Upcoming Fashion Trends This Spring

Who Said White Is Only For The Wedding?

White dresses accompanied with white tennis shoes have been culturally ingrained into our minds as the iconic nurse attire in the 1950s. If you weren’t a nurse, then the only other acceptable time to wear white was during your wedding. 

Well, white is no longer within the confines of these two circumstances. Chanel is ushering in a wave of white, paired with blush pinks and black statement pieces.

Chanel white outfit

Stacking Jewelry 

The current trend is to stack multiple small bangle bracelets of mixed metals. Pioneering and trendsetting companies such as Tiffany & Co. are ahead of the game, offering various bangle bracelet options. What's better than one large bangle bracelet? Multiple small ones! 

Tiffany & Co. Stacking Bracelet  Collection

Clean Girl Is Still In

While Tik tok is going crazy over the new ‘MOB Wife’ look, haute couture is telling us that clean girl colors are still in. Smudged eyeliner and fur coats are popular, however the trendsetters are ushering in elegant casual fits perfect for upcoming hot summer days. 

This is not to say that brands are saying no to the color black, instead most are pushing more relaxed earthy tones, whites, and blush pinks with relaxed styles and comfortable fits. 

Dolce & Gabbanna is most certainly the exception, for their brand is known for their black cocktail dresses and bold florals. So, if you need inspiration for the 'MOB wife' look, this would be the brand to be inspired by.

Whatever is trending, remember to be comfortable, and be yourself!

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