7 Ways to Beat the Heat During Your Wedding

How to beat the heat this summer during your wedding.

Most brides choose to have a wedding in the summer because it is beautiful and sunny outside…but with the sun also comes the heat. This can put a real damper on the big day, especially for your guests.  So, to help you stay cool on your wedding day, we have put together a few tips and tricks to beat the heat.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages / Low Sugar 

refreshing drinks help when trying to beat the heat this summer during your wedding.

Keep your guests cool by keeping plenty of cold drinks on hand. Sugar and alcohol can actually dehydrate you so be sure to have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages readily available as well.

Venues Near a Body of Water

Venues near a body of water help reduce the temperature

When selecting your venue, think about choosing something near water. Not only is this a great backdrop for your ceremony but the breeze off the water will actually go a long way to keeping your guests cool and comfortable.

Timing Matters

Planning the perfect venue: How to beat the heat during your summer wedding

Avoid having your ceremony during hours that are known to be the hottest (12-4 PM) Instead, opt for a later ceremony at dusk or even at night.

Sunscreen Wedding Favors

DIY Favors, wedding inspiration and sunscreen wedding favor ideas

Pass out sunscreen to guests. Send your guests home with a party favor- not a sunburn.

Avoid Metal Chairs

avoid metal chairs during the summer season | wedding advice and planning

When left out in the sun, they can become very hot, very fast.. Opt for wooden chairs instead.  They are a comfortable alternative and unlike metal, will not conduct heat.

Rent a Tent 

rent a tent : ideas on how to beat the heat this summer during the wedding season

Tents can provide a great atmosphere for you and your guests while keeping the temperature down. Just be sure to avoid clear tents as they tend to lock in humidity.

Frozen Desserts

Frozen treats are a great thing to consider serving if your wedding is in the summer

Treat your guests to a refreshing treat such as ice cream or popsicles instead of or in addition to a traditional wedding cake.

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