Clutch Essentials for Wedding Day & Clutches for Every Theme

Having a purse is necessary no matter what day it is. Even if it is your wedding day! Here we are going to discuss what you need to pack on your wedding day and what type of purse options there are!

      The clutch is the most popular option for weddings. They don't take away from the dress and they are easy to manage and lay on or under a table.


Wedding Day Clutch Essentials

So first things first. What to bring. Here is an essential checklist for what to pack.

  1. Medicines
  2. Lipstick
  3. Concealer 
  4. Nail file
  5. Travel perfume bottle
  6. Feminine menstrual items (if necessary)
  7. Phone 


Now that we know what you have to pack, lets explore different types of clutches! Here are some cute ideas for which clutches to choose for your big day.



The Modern Style Clutch

Yves St. Laurent Tuxedo Bag | | clutch ideas for wedding

    This minimalistic Yves St. Laurent Tuxedo Box Bag allows room for just about all of those essential items. And if your dress has pockets, you can always put your phone in there so that the clutch isn’t bursting from the seams. 

     A modern style clutch usually is white, black, or grey. A plain color with a gold or silver pendant defines this look. 


The Bohemian Clutch 

Tommy Bahama Sunburst Clutch | | clutches for every wedding theme

    If you are having a beach or bohemian style wedding, this Tommy Bahama Sunburst Clutch is the perfect choice. It is practical, and embodies your theme effortlessly.

      Bohemian clutches can be made with straw or cloth. They usually are not as rigid as the modern clutch which usually is made from leathers. Colors can include tans, browns, with bright pops of color mixed in. 


Goth Style Clutch 

Chanel HEART MINAUDIERE black heart clutch

 A black clutch is suggested for a goth style wedding. This Chanel Heart Minaudiere has the option for a crossbody as well which is very convenient. 

      While many would think that you have to stick with just black for a goth style wedding, you can actually mix it up by adding whites, purples, reds, or pinks. Lace is a popular option.


Victorian Themed Clutch

Jimmy Choo Micro Cloud Clutch

   This Jimmy Choo Micro Cloud Suede Clutch is a great choice because pearls are timeless, but can also go well with a Victorian Themed Wedding. With this theme, pastels, shades of white, or burgundy colors with a paisley print are also perfect. Luckily, there is an abundance of styles for these clutches with many unique options! 

     So no matter what style of wedding you choose, the clutch is one of the most popular options for a purse because of its practicality and beauty. The goal of this clutch is to enhance the dress, not take away from it. 


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