Is Wedding Dress Preservation Worth It?


The most common question we get would have to be, “Is wedding dress preservation actually worth it?” The short answer is an astounding yes! It is the best choice for all brides because of what it does for you in the future. Who says that you have to wear that dress only once? What if your daughter wants to wear it for her wedding, or what if you and your hubby want to celebrate an anniversary in a special way? None of these would be possible without dress preservation!

So let's dive into the reasons to get your dress preserved, how dress preservation actually works, what to expect when ordering a mailer kit from us, and much more!

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Meet the Team:

Owner | Jeff: “Here at Happily Ever After Preservation, we strive to give every gown that enters the shop a V.I.P. experience. 

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation Specialist | Martha: “I love seeing all the beautiful gowns that come into the shop! Each one is so pretty in their own way!” 


Reasons to Get Your Dress Preserved 


The most common effect of NOT preserving a wedding dress is the yellowing. This happens when a dress is left in an unsuitable environment for far too long. The best way to prevent this is by preserving your wedding dress soon after your big day. 

Pests Will Be Pests

When your wedding dress is museum style preserved here at Happily Ever After Preservation, your dress is protected from pests. So, no worrying about things like moths, rats, or other little creatures trying to eat or nest in your dress! 

Prevents Permanent Creasing

Let’s be honest, when we store away our dress we either hang it up in the back of the closet on a hanger, we place it in a “dust”/garment bag, or we fold it away into a storage bin. When a dress weighs down on a hanger for years the stitching wears down, and permanent creasing can form when it's stuffed into a box. Preservation avoids both of these problems. 

Preserves Your Dress

We mean it when we say it! And the former brides who chose the preservation route attest to this. Our promise to you is, “Museum Style Preservation.” Mother-of-the-brides always tell us how glad they are that they chose preservation, because now their daughters are able to incorporate their wedding dress and accessories into their very own wedding. 


It is much easier to store a preservation case, than it is a whole gown. With our convenient casing, you will take up less room in your closet, while also resting assured that your dress is safe! 


This coincides with the convenience section as well. It is much easier to show off a gown that has been packaged for showcase and preservation purposes, than trying to unravel a bunch of DIY storage methods then put it back the way you had packaged it previously. 

Great Gift

Calling all friends and family! The best gift to get your daughter is the gift of preservation. She is having to plan a lot, and she probably isn’t thinking post-wedding (except for the honeymoon that is …) 

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How does wedding dress preservation work? 

With each of our clean & preservation kits, every dress is meticulously cleaned before being sent to the preservation department. We want to preserve a clean dress for you, not one with a cake stain. 

If you choose to add accessories, such as a veil, to your kit, those will be cleaned separately and be placed alongside your dress in the preservation case. To learn how we package a dress, click here!

How Long does Wedding Dress Preservation Last?

The dress will be preserved for a lifetime. Every dress is cleaned 3 times before being placed into the preservation kit.

Is wedding dress preservation actually worth it?

Can you wear a dress once it has been preserved?

Here at Happily Ever after preservation we don’t use harsh chemicals. So, the answer is, most definitely yes! That is the idea of preservation! Now, please be advised. Once you open the packaging, you will need to redo the preservation process in order for it to be preserved again. 

So that’s a wrap! Now you know everything about the dress preservation process! How it all happens, why you should choose preservation, and why others chose preservation as well! To order your dress preservation kit today, click here!

 If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us by calling 1.800.232.0792. Happy blogging! 

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