How We Preserve a Wedding Dress

How We Preserve a Wedding Dress

   What do we mean when we say, “dress preservation?” How many steps are there? How long does it take? In this article we will take a look at a step by step guide as to how we preserve wedding dresses. 

first step: remove all paperwork from dress

Step 1.

Remove all paperwork from dress

Read all paperwork to ensure all pieces are present

Pin together all paperwork and set aside

remove hanger from dress

Step 2.

Examine dress to ensure that all pins have been removed and there are no stains present

Pull tulle down if necessary

Remove hanger

use the straps for hangers to hold the dress up onto the bust form

Step 3.

Lay dress face down

Slip bust form into dress

Line up breast area of dress with bust form

Bullet dress at side of bust form

If dress is strapless, bullet side ribbons on dress together

Zip or button dress

use white ribbon to create waist line

Step 4.

Make belt with plain ribbon and tie to pull in sides to form a waistline

dress on bust form


Step 5.

Hold dress up to straighten out

Lay dress face down

Lift bottom of train and pull over back of bust

Fold dress to the bottom of the breast form

prepare your prestige box by placing the riser into it

Step 6.

Put a riser in the box if necessary

Make 4 balls of tissue to keep stable and tape them down

Lift dress into box

Secure dress with zip tie at the top of bust form

use ribbon to secure dress in the box


Step 7.

On the side of the box put Prestige ribbon through the middle hole and then through the top hole. Repeat on the other side of the box

Press bust form down and tie together tightly

we never puncture the dress. instead we use ribbon to secure it to the box

Step 8.

Straighten dress and pull bottom of train from the top of the box to create veil look

Bullet to box to hide zip tie

Pull on veil and secure with ribbon and bullets

prepare your prestige box window

Step 9.

Place window box top over bottom box

Tap corners of box to prevent ripping shrink wrap


Step 10.

Fill out paperwork

Tape blue card to back of box

once the window is placed on box, then shrink wrap

Step 11.

Cut shrink wrap plastic

Place box in shrink wrap plastic

Tape down on both ends with clear tape

put the dress through the oven so the shrink wrap can fit. The heat does not damage the dress

Step 12:

Place into oven to shrink wrap

Use shrink wrap heat gun to shrink loose areas

prepare the dress box for shipment

Step 13.

Tape top and bottom of box with Prestige tape

Poke hole in box

Use vacuum to remove excess air

Insert gas into hole. Press for 3 seconds

Place sticker over hole

its ready to be shipped

Step 14.

Place window box into outer box

Place warranty card inside outer box

Place box into outer bag (If there is a garment bag, place inside)

Fold plastic bag end tape to sides

Pin paperwork on fold of bag

Step 15.

Bring completed dress to appropriate area to prepare for shipping

We clean and press dresses before we complete this process. These are the steps that we take for each dress when preserving them. To see a video version of this, visit our tik tok page! To purchase this dress preservation service, click here! 

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