DIY Country Glam : Wedding or Engagement Party Theme


The country DIY glam theme is for all country girls at heart…with a little extra bedazzle.

DIY Country Glam theme : wedding themes and engagement party theme ideas


With this theme, you get to embrace your DIY skills when making some of your own decorations (which we will explain how to make later) and step it up with some sparkle. Hallmarks for this theme include homemade cakes, punch bowls, an outdoor venue, sweet tea, and more! Not to mention, this theme is VERY budget friendly. So with this in mind, let’s dive in y’all! 



Venue Options 

Whether you are planning on having a wedding or an engagement party, either of these venues would be perfect. When you think of a country theme, what is the first thing to come to mind? A Barn! Barn rentals are usually inexpensive in comparison to other venues. If you want something more budget friendly, ask to use a friend's backyard, or use your own.



Some fun activities to include in a Country DIY Glam theme are horseshoe toss (ring toss), bean bag toss, Bride & Groom bingo, and a DIY photo station. Another easy way to entertain your guests is to have checkers laying out on a couple of the tables! Your guests will never be bored at this type of party!  


What to Eat 

For this theme, we want to make a lot of our own food, even incorporate some family recipes. A BBQ grill would be great too! Food ideas include, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and pretzels. For the handmade food, choose 3 of your families' favorite recipies. 

Keep appetizers on deck, and lots of them.The country DIY glam theme is for all country girls at heart…with a little extra bedazzle.


What to Drink

Drinks to include would be sweet tea and lemonade. Feel free to add a little kick to these if you want to spice up the party.



If you are having an engagement party, keep the cake simple. By adding a cute cake topper you also just got your centerpiece (until it is eaten that is…)

Now we want more than just cakes. To add some prep to this theme, make some cake pops, cupcakes, and any other dessert that you and your families might enjoy!


This is another way we are going to save money and use our DIY skills. Great decoration ideas that are easy and that stick with the theme are…

Homemade pinwheels 

These are a great decoration idea, and they also serve as a gift for the guests coming to your party. 

Homemade Garland

These are SO easy to make. Once you get the groove of it, you will be making hundreds of links in no time! 

Super Glue & Gems

Items that you plan to use, such as a chalkboard, can easily be glammed up with these two supplies! 

Gift Bag Filler

You know that fluffy stuff we buy during easter time for our baskets? Did you know there is an easy way to make this yourself? Empty out our paper shredder, (when the power is off…) and clean the interior. Then, place the papers that you like through the shredder and there ya go!

Other decorations that you can include are confetti balloons, pin boards with photos of the engaged couple, themed napkins & plates, a smores bar, much more! 


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