Alternative Ideas for Vintage Gowns

Do you have a  family heirloom that you want to incorporate into your wedding? Perhaps it is a dress that was passed down from your mother, or a Christening gown that you had when you were a kid. No matter what it is, here are ways that you can incorporate it into your wedding decor, your dress, or wedding accessories. 

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Sometimes we inherit a wedding dress from a loved one, and we want to incorporate it into our wedding. However, do not necessarily wear it. To accomplish this we have to get a little crafty! Here are some ways to repurpose the heirloom and incorporate it in your wedding. 



Take a patch of the dress and sew it onto the interior of your dress ( I have seen brides do this and the patch is in the shape of a heart). 

Detachable Train

Take lace from the gown and add it to your dress (perhaps a part of the detachable train).

Repurposed Veil

Use the fabric and turn it into a veil. Our seamstresses have decades of experience and can bring this vision to life (insert link to alterations).

Garter Belt

Use lace from the dress and make a garter belt 


Refurbishing a Vintage Wedding Dress 

Or perhaps you want to wear the dress with a modern twist

  1. Alter the gown by removing the shoulder padding.
  2. Replace beads with modern style adornment
  3. Bring your gown to wedding dress cleaning specialist to clean up the dress.
  4. Add to the dress or take away parts that you dislike and save the fabric for other repurposing needs. 


Turning a Vintage Dress Into Decorations

Sometimes we simply want to incorporate the dress into our decorations! 

  1. Use the fabric to make tablecloths/linens 
  2. Re-use the fabric as plate settings
  3. Turn them into patchwork cozies
  4. Use it as a drapery for the wedding arch/decor 

Didn’t like any of the ideas above? Remember, that if none of these work for you, that is okay. If you don’t want to say goodbye to the heirloom AND  don’t want it to be a part of your wedding, don’t forget that you can preserve your dress today! 

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