4 Pratical Wedding Dress Garment Bags

If you don’t have a garment bag yet for your wedding dress, it is highly recommended that you purchase one ASAP. Garment bags protect your dress during transportation, they prevent  dust and potential stainage, and are an easier way to carry your dress from A to B.  Garment bags these days come in all shapes and sizes. They can be personalized, some come in a variety of patterns, and others are even designed for air travel!  

Here are 4 unique garments bags for brides and grooms that want something with a little extra spice and/or practicality. 

Garment bags offer short term security for your dress, but preservation offers a lifetime of protection. While these garment bags can’t be preserved along with your dress, they will be returned to you with your package when you order one of our services.

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Jelly Comb White Wedding Dress Bag with Transparent Pocket

Where to Buy: Walmart, online

Price: $8.99

The bell bottomed shape of this garment bag is very practical for fit & flare or mermaid style dresses. That extra legroom will help prevent major creasing. Also, not to mention the pocket will come in handy if you don’t want to forget your jewelry!  

walmart jelly comb wedding dress garment bag

Cotton Hanging Coat & Gown Bag Natural

Where to Buy: The Container Store, online 

Price: $34.99

This garment bag comes in three different sizes!  This 100% cotton fabric garment bag features one of the safest materials for storing your dress. 

The Container Store | "Cotton Hanging Coat & Gown Bag Natural"



Cotton Hanging Coat & Gown Bag Natural

Where to Buy:  Amazon

Price: $16.89

This is an elegant print garment bag that can also be converted to a handheld bag for when you're on the go. You and your bridesmaids can pick a color and match with your garment bags!  

Amazon garment bag



MATEIN Large Suit Travel Garment Bag 

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: $45.99

Amazon duffle bag style garment bag for suits

We can’t forget about the groom! This bag is perfect for travel and it has storage for everything! Not to mention it has a sleek classy look and is very durable. 


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