10 Unique Wedding Accessories

Looking for a way to spice up your wedding? Most brides choose to wear a veil and some jewelry. Some even carry a clutch. These are all truly timeless classics. However…there are so many other accessories that are highly underrated.

It truly is a shame that not many brides know about these accessories. These additions can bring out the beauty of your dress and enhance your theme in unique inspiring ways. 

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One question that we get is, can I add more than one accessory to the preservation kit? The answer is yes! If you are worried about whether or not some accessories can be added, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any questions! 👏


Tiaras can be added to your preservation kit!



The tiara best compliments a fit & flare princess style wedding dress, especially if it has glitter or bejeweled fabric

 Cake Cutting or Serving Sets are great unique wedding accessories. They are also, pratical.

Wedding Cake Serving Set

Having an engraved wedding cake serving set is something that can be saved and used again in the future, always lovingly reminding you of your special day. 

 handkerchiefs can be added to your preservation kit here at Happily Ever After Preservation


Hand engraved handkerchiefs are such an elegant way to incorporate something handwritten into your wedding. The groom can wear this in his tux pocket while the bride can use it to hold the bouquet. (Not to mention it might come in handy when the tears start flowing) 

 Engraved Hangers are a great addition to your wedding ensemble.

Engraved Hangers

Instead of buying normal hangers, choose engraved wooden ones! They are something that you can keep forever, and use again. It is practical and sophisticated. 

 white cape options are coming back in style for a wedding ensemble.


Not everyone is a big fan of a long train (especially if you plan on dancing at the reception). So, an underrated accessory is the wedding cape. It is long and flowy, and can be easily detached for later festivities. 

 back necklace idea for wedding gown accessories

Back Necklace

There are so many gorgeous dresses that accentuate the back. To accentuate and draw more attention to this dress feature, wear a necklace that drapes over your shoulders or down the center of your back. 

Brooch ideas for wedding  | wedding ideas accessories | wedding accessory ideas



Brooches go great with the cape, and it can add additional closure and security for when walking down the aisle. It can also be used to signify a loved one, or be a picture of something that means a lot to you. 

 hat alternative ideas for wedding veils | how to incorporate a hat into your wedding ensemble


Instead of a veil, some brides choose to wear a hat with a small or no veil attached to it. This is great for Derby themed weddings! (also, this is a great look for the mother-of-the bride)

 white ballet flats options for reception | options for shoes at wedding reception

Ballet Flats

You will need these if you have a lively reception party. They are comfortable, practical, and can be used again! They don’t have to be dull, there are SO many options to choose from these days! 

 Keepsake papers ideas for alternative wedding accessories and what to incorporate into your wedding

Keepsake Papers

Keepsake Papers can be incorporated in the wedding by placing them in a frame on the entry table, or they can be kept on you personally in your clutch. 

Not all the unique accessories out there are listed (there are so many of them!) but hopefully now you have some additional inspiration for your wedding. Happily Ever After Preservation wishes you all the best! 

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